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Originally Posted by treys1 View Post
I just wanted to put my $0.02 in that Blade has a really nice beginner lineup and should potentially focus on that as their strategy.
Blade got me started on helis too. I think that's their stong suit and they should continue to focus on that, but also keep us locked in with the stuff we want to see as we advance in the hobby.

Originally Posted by Number View Post
What if I told you this basically already exists?
Yes it's just around the corner for me. I'm using MSH Brain controllers now. Recently switched over my whole fleet from BeastX. Brain/Ikon offers Jeti and Graupner intergration with OpenTX integration coming down the pipe. Spirit FBL has OpenTX integration currently. As I'm on OpenTX now I'm really looking forward to tuning through my radio instead of a programming device. Blade needs to jump on this. In my mind it's a huge feature and the pushy blinky interface of the BeastX is going move it into obsolescence if they don't get off their laurels.
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