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Yes it's just around the corner for me. I'm using MSH Brain controllers now. Recently switched over my whole fleet from BeastX.
I did the same thing. I used to run all Spektrum AR7200BX FBL units. They were okay, but Blade actually forced me into MSH iKON units. The stock FBL unit on the 180CFX sucked and was completely non-tunable. I put a micro iKON in it and it was like night and day. Because of that great experience, I ripped out all the AR7200BX units in my other helis and replaced them with iKONS. Two helis got new iKON V2 units with integrated bluetooth and the old 450X got a standard iKON. All of those MSH FBL units have been great. I can't recommend them highly enough. Pure awesome.
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