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Originally Posted by Falung_69 View Post
I am impressed as to how far you have tooken this
Cannot wait for the Test vid.
Are you not worried about catching a skid with a loop as you release ?

I am so glad the branch came out with ma ma nature's help

And to think this all started because you attaching a long line to ur Velos

Brilliant Mate Absolutely Brilliant

Keep Up The Good Work it does look good on there

Good question Clark but no, the rope can be coiled up and placed over the fork while sitting on the ground with the rope coil positioned inside the skids. The free end of the rope is first on the fork and the 100 feet to free fall will be coiled on the fork going forward, that arrangement should allow the rope to free fall and uncoil itself on the way down without tangle.

I have laid out the rope coil on the ground already to check for fit between the skids and there is plenty of room, even though my skids are shorter than stock.
Pull up in a hover and the rope will hang on the fork between the skids so no tangle on the skids is possible.

First flight tests will prove all this true, in my mind it works perfect.
I now have a simple rubber band to pull the fork back up after release. It doesn't have enough strength to interfere with the drop so it should work well.
The first drop test will be done statically, not in flight, just to ensure proper operation of the fork.

Looking forward to the first flight test and video as well.
I would like nothing more than to identify many special applications for the Velos 880 and UAV going forward with this project.

After the long line experiments I have set my top end payload weight to 25 pounds, so now that I know that, I don't have to wonder "can I lift that safely?" If it's 25 pounds or less the answer is yes I can, so this opens up a whole new world of thinking for me in dreaming of useful applications for the Velos.
Dream on!
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