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Official FCI Amphenol Mini-PV terminals crimped onto 22AWG wire. There's actually a problem here, it seems as though some 22AWG servo wire insulation is heavier than 22AWG and this causes problems with the insulation crimp.

I figured out a solution though, crimp the terminal with the HT-0073 first with the insulation lined up between the insulation and conductor crimps then crimp it again with the HT-0095. Results below:

Right two terminals were crimped in HT-0095, left three were crimped in HT-0073 first then crimped again in HT-0095. Note how the insulation crimp doesn't bulge or cut into the insulation.

I bought 50 gold terminals and 50 cheap tin plated ones to practice with first, good thing I did.

The official Mini-PV housings are much nicer than the knockoff ones, the pins fit into the housing with no up and down play or slop. Too bad the knockoff pins won't fit in the official housings.

Also notice how much larger the contact spring is on these terminals than it is on the knockoff ones.

I tested the pull out force with pliers and the amount of force needed to pull out the wire (it breaks off at the conductor crimp rather than pulls out) is about the same as what is required to break the strands.

EDIT: Alternate way if you struggle with getting the position consistent is to place the insulation against the end of the conductor crimp wings which will act as a wire stop (the insulation won't fit inside the conductor crimp). This is technically wrong but I don't see that it would make the crimp any less secure and it fits inside the housing just fine. If it doesn't want to go in grab the bottom edge of the insulation crimp on the terminal with your fingernail and coax it in

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