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Depends on your use case I guess, but I got rid of my P3A when I got the Mavic....

If you by just the Spark, its controlled by cell phone or gesture. In all honesty, they did a great job in the app and the cell works pretty well. I "planned" to stick with that, but ended up buying the controller anyway. Its GREAT with the controller and faster / more agile than I expected in sport mode.

That said, you may as well buy the bundle with controller, extra battery, and the charging hub for $699. You get the bag and prop guards (personally don't care about those) included as well.

As far as which to get, completely depends on what you want out of them. I have the "fly more" Mavic that came with the 3 total batteries, bag, etc. Honestly the bag looked silly but is great for its purpose.

I look at the Mavic as the purpose built ship when I want really clean shots, and the Spark as the "at risk" AP platform. I have no issues tossing it in a bag and am quite sure I'll get some great shots from it as I'm more likely to have it with me.

Its far better than I expected honestly.

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What is the deal with the extra controller?

Is it only cell phone controlled or can you buy a DJI non phone controller?

$1000 Mavic vrs $500 Spark

In your opinion are these a killer for all DJI Phantom stuff?
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