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My lessons over the years.

Treat helis with respect ore they will bite.

Buy deasent electronics.

I donīt thrust spektrum sats and will avoide them as the only receiver on board if possible.

Be shure your BEC handles the servos under any conditions as its expensive to find out it wonīt while doing tic-tocks 20 meter up in the air.

If you crash alot, buy helis with good part availability locally and buy a known brand.

When don`t crashing so much buy what you like to fly and have at least 2 helis so you donīt get grounded if one is down.

Try out new manouvers 3 mistakes high.

Batteries are expendables so they do not have to be expensive if threated well.
9 years with cheap regular Zippy and Turnigy batteries have thought me that.

Modifications is fun.

High headspeed donīt impress me anymore as many manouvers can be done at lower headspeeds with a well set up heli.
Iīm not Tareq and will never be, and as an extra bonus i get longer flight times.

Thats what`s come to mind.
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