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-Take your time to master the basics correctly in all orientations. It will be to your benefit later when you are learning 3d.

- If something feels odd or sounds odd land and inspect the heli.

- If a flying skill feels off on a day don't push it.

- Sim before you try new skills

- Set up a heli as light as possible and aim for longer flight time.

- Do a precheck the night before or after a days flight to check all bolts are tight and everything is in order

- Hang around guys with better flying skill than you if your aim is to progress.

- Patience is the key to longevity in this hobby. I have seen on many occasions guys that fly everyday and try to be the next 3d smack pilot burn out after 3 or 4 years in the hobby.

- Don't fly beyond your skill levels and don't fly too close to yourself for safety reasons.

- Don't get discouraged when you see a person with awesome flying skills. This hobby is about fun it takes years and plenty of practice to become good at what you do.
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