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Default Still working the details...

Sorry it's been a while since my last post, haven't had the time necessary to do the testing.

In all things aviation I like to guarantee it's a sure thing. I'm not getting that feeling from my set up yet. I can see its absolutely doable to carry the rope and remove a tree limb using that rope but I need to pay attention to detail in how I do it.

I took the Velos outside today and tried several ways of loading the rope on the fork while it sat on the ground.
From all the experimenting I see the need to keep the loops short around the fork to prevent any interaction of the rope with the rotors in flight and from that I need to redesign the fork. It's too short to allow quick, safe loading of the rope.
Redesigning and making the fork longer will also prevent the rope from hanging on the skids during the drop.

I march on...I can envision eventually getting rid of the OEM carbon fiber skids all together and making the fork assembly act as landing gear also.
More fun, more Imagineering.
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