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Default First Flight of the Swing Arm and Rope

Got the first test flight under my belt flying the rope.
To say I was very concerned was an understatement. Never before having tried something like this I went over it in my head a hundred times knowing it would have to work...but never having actually done it before always throws some doubt in your head.

Bottom was simple to fly.
I didn't pick up on any odd cyclic stick position both taking off with the rope coiled on the swing arm or during the drop itself.
CG change during the flight wasn't noticeable.

Now to go out and find a dead branch that needs removing, should be fun.
Should be fun for Christmas decorations this year as well.

Now that I have done these experiments and found out first hand what the big Velos can do with lifting weight and flying with weight well forward of the normal CG position I have more plans to utilize the Velos for doing working tasks.

Velos 880 Rope Release (3 min 28 sec)
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