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Originally Posted by waferthin View Post
Thanks, that'd be a real help.
It'd be my first trip to the USA, and it would "somewhat cool" (can you feel the understatement in there?) if I could hook up with some of you folk at the same time.

My biggest problem is gear: I can't see myself bringing flight packs. I've a G570, Protos and X4 II.. The X4 would be the most sensible and cartable of them all. I wonder ... perhaps I could break it/the 570 down and carry on plane, if I could find/get some packs over there for the event? (anyone need some new flight packs for a 570 broken in? har har)

Secondary is "where the heck to stay". I can't fit a camper van in my carry on Well, I can fit a small model one, matchbox like. Hmm. I see I'm convincing myself to come over already!

How does it work re AMA affiliation? I don't have such a thing. Got a NZ equivalent, but not sure that's relevant? is it needed?
If it would help convince you to come I would be more than happy to bring a spare tent so you have someplace to sleep. I'm sure we can rustle up a blanket or sleeping bag also. Hell, I'll even let you take some pulls on my helis if you need more convincing.
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