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Originally Posted by 1BOHO View Post
I cannot tell from the photo but have the ball bearings been removed yet? To keep from damaging the stator don't put it in a straight vice without some type of soft jaw as a vice has enough strength to take the stator out of round.
Fashion yourself a soft jaw with a profile like my attachment of wood as thick as the stators length. Use the stator as a template to cut the appropriate sized hole. Use this soft jaw you created in between your vice jaws to hold the stator. The combination of heat and cold will eventually break the bond. Holding the stator in the vice like this should allow you to tap the stator out with a dowel that has an OD just a bit smaller that the bearings OD.

If you want to try to twist the stator use a flat piece of bar stock about 36 cm long and create a breaking bar to bolt to the carrier using the motor mount screw locations. The vice with the soft jaws will still serve the purpose of holding the stator securely while you apply twisting pressure.

Once you break the initial bond by which ever means you should be able to tap the carrier out of the stator fairly easily.

Patience is a virtue.
1BOHO of course i wouldnt put the stator straight on the vice.I bolted the motor mount on the motor and clamped the mount on the vice.I wraped the stator in 2 towels and tried twisting it.Although it sounded like tiny crystals cracking,the stator didnt move.I will make the soft jaws you are suggesting because i cant hammer the carrier with the stator in my hand...

Originally Posted by sutty View Post
Sorry Giorgos, didn't see your question because I fell asleep, and have been very busy today since first thing. I can't remember what temperature, but if you search the forum, the cold heat cycle trick is mentioned a number of times.

It would need to be more than 60 though, because motors often run hotter than that anyway, so I could imagine they would be resistant to 60. That having been said, even at 60 it will be somewhat softened.

If you can't find mention of the temperature, I'll have a good search when I have a bit more time.
No worries sutty,i m not in a hurry anyway!I will try heating the stator with a heatgun and cooling the carrier with spray tomorrow.I hope that works...
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