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I'm so tired of hearing people complain on this forum, or really not just here..just the culture of today in general where people complain about literally everything online to the point that people and companies give up.

Those of you that aren't pleased with this heli, you're obviously not in the market for a blade heli in general, so just leave it at that. They make entry level helis and hopefully their new offerings being sold at many hobby shops bring more people into the hobby.

There are plenty of high end helis out there to move up to later. Or if you already own one, great, let blade be in their niche. No need to knock the blade brand, if it's not for you, don't buy it and move on.
+1. Some folks are just gonna hate and bitch and moan regardless of what forum you may visit. Unfortunately it's just the way of the world and the internet these days. I had both the original 300X and the 450X. Learned a lot from those Helis. Mostly how to fly a heli. Both are in the box and In great shape just do not really know who to sell them to. Just fly my 180 in backyard now. Looking at OXY 2. Probably try to pick one up at IRCHA and the associated bits and pieces to build the 2.
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