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+1. Some folks are just gonna hate and bitch and moan regardless of what forum you may visit. Unfortunately it's just the way of the world and the internet these days. I had both the original 300X and the 450X. Learned a lot from those Helis. Mostly how to fly a heli. Both are in the box and In great shape just do not really know who to sell them to. Just fly my 180 in backyard now. Looking at OXY 2. Probably try to pick one up at IRCHA and the associated bits and pieces to build the 2.
I still have my 300X......Well mostly its a lynx heli now but that was way before the Oxy came out. It fly's very decent and is cheapish to crash. Cheaper the crashing an align 450/470.

Blades are decent helis for the beginning to intermediate pilot. They do usually have some frustrating aspects. The 130x and its hollow main shaft that cause the shakes of death. The 300x I struggled with the plastic tail box. It would vibrate and cause the shake of death to. The bearings in the motor they are using were a problem as well. But you get past all that and they are decent helis to learn on. Plus their customer service can't be beat by anyone.
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