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Originally Posted by ultrataco View Post
Actually they used those same servos on the 450X v2

The old esc was 35 amps so I'm sure 45 will be fine in this.

edit: and wow I've had my 230S for a year and did not realize it has the same cyclic servos as my 450X.
Heck, you're right! I had forgotten about the v2 having those servos too.

HH have clearly slashed the development budgets available, leaving the Dev teams to regurgitate as many of the old parts they have the rights to produce, with a few tweaks here and there to make them look like fresh products to potential new pilots.

With HH pulling Customer Support here in the U.K. earlier this year, and the way things are heading, it's sad to say, but Blades future in the beginner heli market is looking ever more shaky.

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