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They're a good place to start and some of them are decent helis for a good price. Although it's​a roll of the dice whether you get a good one or one that's nothing but problems. Every other brand I've tried has been far more reliable especially over the long haul. That's not complaining it's a fact.

Ditched Blade and didn't have any issues for going on 2 years. Recently picked up a 230s and it started having problems in less than a month and 50 flights. Big surprise...not

The Trex 450 sport v2 I got used for $150 is will go 1000 flights before it needs a couple bearings and a belt to go 1000 more. Point is there are better options out there. Thanks to WL Toys there are even better micro options. Blade micro quality/reliability has gone down not up.

That's been my personal experience after owning 8 Blade helis and a few other brands YMMV.

I used to be the one defending them here but it turns out ignorance wasn't bliss.

I'm tired of ppl complaining about other people having a different opinion/experience than them. We're allowed to speak our opinion on the thread topic but we're not allowed to attack other's posts.
What does complaining about complaining do anyway? State your differing opinion and move on. Don't try to discourage others from stating theirs.
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