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Originally Posted by peteski View Post
Spot on. Blade got me started in this hobby and I've actually had very few problems with my Blade helis. Still fly my 180 CFX today and it's pretty good for the money. Some people just bitch and whine about everything these days. I wouldn't actually consider buying this heli, but only because I'm past the point of buying any Blade heli. But that doesn't mean it isn't suitable for a relative beginner looking for a reasonable BNF option.

People do love to bitch. They seem to forget the company that got them into the hobby. Nobody has better customer service than Blade. I'd even say they are at the top regardless of hobby related or just in general. Who else has techs that speak english, know the product and make it rain free parts when something goes wrong? I once sent them a very nice email saying that my 230s canopy was kinda crummy and cracked from basic use. They mailed me a fiberglass canopy!

I'm probably going to get one, I love the 450 size. I will wait for a sale and a coupon...cause I'm "frugal"
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