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Originally Posted by learnedthehardway View Post

I'm tired of ppl complaining about other people having a different opinion/experience than them. We're allowed to speak our opinion on the thread topic but we're not allowed to attack other's posts.
What does complaining about complaining do anyway? State your differing opinion and move on. Don't try to discourage others from stating theirs.
The reason some people complain about others complaining is, like in this case, people who hate or dislike Blade helis and have no interest in or intention of ever buying a Blade heli feel the need to come into various threads about new Blade helis for the sole purpose of ragging on Blade. This helicopter isn't even marketed to you unless you consider yourself an intermediate pilot. Why bother? Now, I'm sure you will say it is to warn the people or something, ya know, for the greater good or something but the average human getting into a new hobby is going to research what is good and what isn't. They don't need people ragging on a new release that no one has actually owned or flown.

I have enjoyed every Blade heli I have owned and still do not own all the ones I want. There are those of us out here that want to fly helis and don't need the best of the best expensive helicopters to enjoy this hobby.
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