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"State your differing opinion and move on." ... EXACTLY !

If this was actually happening then I don't think anyone would have issues with the negative posts. But it's not. Rather, it's post after post, repeat after repeat of the same negative issues, replayed over and over. In just about every recent Blade thread. There's no need to beat any more dead out of that horse.

Folks are just getting tired of the REPEATED complaining, that's all. Message received. LOUD and CLEAR. Yes, some of you got SCREWED. Yes, there are BETTER and more EXPENSIVE helis out there. GOT IT! However, these threads are not about those helis nor the details of the corn-holing you were forced to endure.

I have other helis too, kits and semi-scale. Guess what - I've been jilted by heli manufacturers as well, more than once, POOR ME ! But you take it in stride and remember this is a HOBBY that people of ALL SKILL LEVELS are trying to ENJOY - in their SPARE TIME for cryin' out loud ! There are going to be disappointments - learn to DEAL WITH THEM !

Constant bickering isn't doing this hobby any favor either as far as setting examples for newcomers.

Please, Find your ZEN !!!

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