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Sorry to hear it was a fail. I was really hoping you would have good luck with your first rewind.

In general I never hammer anything, usually does not end well. I always use a press. I just use my drill press to press all things heli related. Nothing has ever been so stuck the drill press couldn't put out the force to get it.

It is possible to rewind a motor without removing the stator from the housing. I've done a few small motors that way, but haven't tried it on a bigger motor like that. Have to use multi-strand wire though, the stator must be removed from the housing to use heavy single strand.

I'd say try again with another motor. The problem is you can't find the right Kv, yeah? Just need to find a new one with the correct physical dimensions. That motor looked kind of old and ragged anyway. I understand you got that heli used? You don't know, may have been overheated and a motor only has to be overheated once to degrade or kill it (due to demagnetization).
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