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Default The Spray Boom

I have always struggled with one thing in maintaining my house. Cleaning the exterior walls.

The house on three sides is around 40 feet tall because it sits on a side hill. This makes it very difficult and dangerous to get cleaning solution on the exterior to clean away the years grime.
Above 30 feet I just can't reach it from the ground even with my custom extended high pressure spray boom and I will not climb a ladder in an attempt to spray clean or scrub the walls that high in the air.

If I built a high pressure spray system that would move a large volume of solution I could reach the top but in trying to apply cleaning solution you would have to dilute it so much it would loose its ability to dig in and clean. Not diluting the solution would allow the volume of liquid to reach the higher locations but now your wasting a lot of cleaning solution to do it.

So...enter my next venture in creating a working solution to an issue using the Velos 880.

I had in the past thought of creating a 2 gallon tank to attach to the Velos to apply this solution.
2 gallons is a good amount of solution but when your cleaning the exterior of a house, suddenly that 2 gallons is gone requiring a refill.
Weight being the deciding factor in how much I could carry, I decided that taking the solution up with the Velos in an attached tank was not the smart thing to do.

I decided what I should do is just take the spray nozzle up on the Velos and leave the bulk solution tank on the ground. That way I have plenty of solution to spray a large area and the Velos would only be tasked to carry the spray boom and the small rubber hose connected from the supply tank and pressure pump on the ground up to the Velos.
This weight would be very easy for the Velos to carry.

I am only trying to apply the solution to the exterior. High pressure is not going to be used so large amounts of solution overspray should be minimal and with the Velos out of ground effect the overspray that does migrate back toward the Velos should be blown down quickly away from the canopy. The angle of the spray nozzle can be angled down also to prevent blow back of the solution onto the Velos.

Hover distance from the exterior wall will be about 4 feet. The spray boom will be my indicator I am too close and should back away.
If it works really well I could see in the future a laser distance measuring device to tell you when you are in the safe zone and possible past that have it integrated into the flight computer so it automatically measures the distance and maintains that distance through the flight.
Hey...I can dream can't I.

Here are a couple photos of the early mock up of the spray boom.
As luck would have it the rope deployment swing arm works perfectly to support the spray boom.

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