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Default Have any ideas in utility?

So now that we have our own forum, lets here your ideas concerning utility of the Velos airframe.
This forum could be an amazing place to discuss possibilities with utilizing the Velos airframe in performing useful tasks in the work place.

Even if it sounds crazy...lets hear it. It's those crazy ideas that are the most meaningful. It is how mankind has gotten to where we are today...someone had a crazy dream and had enough imagination to make it reality.

We know what our airframe limitations are, I'm keeping all my ideas to less than 25 pounds useful load and because we are flying a large single rotor with lots of leverage, off set of the load to the CG of the airframe can be done as well.

The safety in the Velos airframe is what drives my imagination in creating utility for it. Never before have we had a safer airframe with the lifting abilities that the Velos has for its size.

This is just the beginning...
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