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Default I'm excited!

Got a chance to try out my sprayer setup on the ground tonight.
It performed beyond my expectations. Depending on the spray pattern, I won't have to get to close to the building at all to provide good coverage of the cleaning solution or insecticide.

I need to locate a better spray nozzle. The one I tried out was real cheap from a hand sprayer, it showed me what I wanted to see, but a better nozzle would be preferred.

At 40psi from the pump there is little kick back when spraying so the big Velos will handle the spray boom with ease.

Only question I have is will the 40 foot height create enough head pressure in the small rubber hose to effect pump pressure. My first flight will determine that, I can always increase the pressure as needed.

I have always hated to try and clean the exterior walls of my house but I think now it will be so much fun I'll end up doing it to often.
The 40 foot level has never seen any cleaning solution because of that height so that's about to change.

Given I'll be cleaning exterior walls with the Velos, I need to cut my rotor speed back in an effort to lengthen my flight times.

Anyone have any guidance with this?
Aris, do you have any pointers for me on setting up my 2 bladed 880 for longest flight times?

My only concern is running a head speed that may not allow the CC160's to run at their optimum output and cause a failure with them. I don't know if that's a possibility or not but I have always been told that.

So get ready to see a Velos 880 spray cleaning a don't see that every day...but you just might in the future.
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