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Default HW 130 - no beeps

My HW 130 is no longer beeping after being plugged in. It's also only outputting about 5V from its internal BEC despite it being set to output 6V. There is no motor output either. When I try to connect the programmer, it is stuck at "Connecting ESC".

The status LED is solid red. I run a fan plugged into the program port and that still works fine when the ESC is plugged in.

I bought this used but gave about 20 flights with it. I flew it once yesterday then switched batteries and I then didn't hear any beeps after connecting the battery. I unplugged the pack and plugged it back in and heard a pop and spark at the battery connector as if the anti spark wasn't working. The polarity was correct so I figured something with the anti spark couldn't handle a reconnect without waiting.

The only other thing I can think of is the optipower backup could've somehow backfed power.

Any one experienced this issue before?
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