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Fuuton 200... light, fast, very durable, and inexpensive... I absolutely love both of mine.... only thing I replaced after literally hundreds of crashes is one motor for $7.99 and that included shipping!

compared to a helicopter... quads are easy to put together... if you buy it pre-assembled you can see how the wires are hooked up and that's about all you need to know... that's what I did and the logic follows thru on just about all of them... get a all in one stack when you do build and 90% of the work is done... but get the fuuton if you have quick learning level or get a wizard... search for coupon and you can get the fuuton for $170

here's my 9th time out (about 90batteries) of ever fly real fpv with my fuuton 200.. flew a lot of tiny whoop during the winter... wish i could get more stick time... gotta drive an hour out of the city to fly... Anyways... good luck and your gonna love it...
Furibee Fuuton 200 (2 min 0 sec)
450x- w/ sk3 4300 motor, Yep 100
X7- iKon, 850MX 12s, Yep 180
X7f- iKon, Xnova 4535-460 14s, YGE 320
Gaui x7 14s yge320 072515 (2 min 5 sec)

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