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Originally Posted by JonJet View Post
I consider the 330X a re-brand of an old favorite...and evidently the sales numbers made sense to bring back the 450X and ensure it's continuation for years to come...

As for the FBL...well, the 270CFX taught us something about MicroBeast FBL's...they cost money to install and more money to unlock...and Horizon wanted a price point

Most HeliFreaks are into upgrades and mods...making an original model fly better or better suited for the flying I will have no problem adding a NIP Lynx 450X stretch kit and swapping the 636A for an iKON

I am just happy that the 450X is being revived and the Blade dominance in the heli market will continue

H8ter's hate...crashers crash...but I'll get one of these anyway with no room or desire for anything larger

So now with the introduction of the new 360cfx 3s , im totally confused , CFX frame or plastic frame on 330 ? How durable was the 450x frame ? price is a little steep for me on new 360, still leaning towards 330.. thoughts ?
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