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Originally Posted by Atomic Skull View Post
Experimented a bit with the Xytronic LF-3200, it's a night and day difference compared to the FX888D. I can set it to 700 degrees touch the tip (3.5mm) to the edge of the solder cup on a 6mm bullet without touching the wire and 2-3 seconds later the solder melts and the wire comes off without wicking the wire. The temp display on the base station shows only a 1-2 degree drop in temperature while doing this. With the FX888D I had to set it to 800 degrees to solder large connectors like that. Later tonight I will experiment with lowering the temp even further.
So in other words, you are happy with the Xytronic LF-3200?

(I see that its only about $130 - very tempting!)
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