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Originally Posted by ridge-runner View Post
So in other words, you are happy with the Xytronic LF-3200?

(I see that its only about $130 - very tempting!)
Yup so far it seems like one of my best purchases. I recommend getting a 2.4 and 3.2mm screwdriver tips for it though if you are going to solder larger connectors. Howard Electronics and MCM Electronics have larger selections of tips than Jameco does (they only had 4 tips and I had to get the bigger ones elsewhere) Also keep in mind that some places have the LF3500 and LF3000 tips mixed up. Look on page 24 of their catalog for a correct listing. I wish they had a 5mm screwdriver tip as that would be useful for tinning wires but the 3.2mm works fine for that.

After some more experimenting 700F seems just about right.

EDIT: After some more experimenting and adjusting my technique (preheat the connector first) I've settled on 550F.

Figured I should practice a bit before I used it on anything serious. Preheating the connector before inserting the wire is no longer necessary instead I can heat it by the edge with the wire in place until it comes up to temp (takes about 2-3 seconds) then feed the solder into the cup and move the iron over to the wire for about half a second to make sure everything is completely molten before removing. From start to finish took about 5 seconds.

EDIT: I have since lowered the temp to 550F and went back to my old method of preheating the connector first before inserting the wire and then flowing the solder. This way the solder sets within 2-3 seconds of so of removing the iron and there is much less chance of excessive wicking.
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