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Default Intermediate Helis

Interesting to see these 2 new models the 330x and the 360 CFX 3S. I have been bashing Horizon recently as their support for the UK market recently particularly closing their office here has gone down the pan.

But I must say the fact they continue to introduce new models, or in this case revamp old models is good news for heli flyers in general although these models are quite similar and just makes you wonder what market they are after exactly, I would say both these realistically are advanced models.

I have been saying for a while that they need a 3s intermediate, non motor driven tail with safe for pilots wanting to progress who are not ready for a 6s monster or not confident enough building a kit and setting it up from scratch. So really surprised since they have dropped Beast and gone with their own FBL that they do not have a SAFE function on one of these. I would also question the price 380 for the 330X here in the UK and even more so 500 for the 360CFX 3s, they are both too expensive for what they are. For that you could build an Align 470, which would appear to have better electronics.

I have recently took the leap of faith to build an Oxy 3, which is my first ever build, this has cost me around 500 but for that you get an MSH Brain 2, a Castle Creations Talon 35, decent metal gear servos and the Lynx EOX motor. It has been a little bit of a learning curve particularly to get the setup of the FBL and the head spot on and there have been a few head scratching, searching the internet and frustrating moments but in the end it has all been worth while. I am certainly no 3d flyer and have my Oxy 3 toned down more to my abilities at the moment.

So I applaud Horizon for new models, but I think they missed a trick not including SAFE on one of these. If you don't feel confident building a kit then I can see the appeal of these models with lower cell costs, but for the money I would consider building a kit choosing your own electrionics. With patience you can do it.
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