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Originally Posted by ks9818 View Post
So now with the introduction of the new 360cfx 3s , im totally confused , CFX frame or plastic frame on 330 ? How durable was the 450x frame ? price is a little steep for me on new 360, still leaning towards 330.. thoughts ?
Flip a coin on the frame. Crashed my 450x pretty good a couple times and never broke it then watched a friend gently flop his on it's side and demolished the frame.

Never broke the frame on a cfx but servo access was terrible compared to the 450x. Or any other heli I've owned. Taking a bunch of stuff apart to get at the bottom screw of the back servo was beyond annoying. Maybe with the right tool you can get at it but doubt it since I've been able to get at things others complain about but couldn't get at that screw.

Makes me sad to see ppl say they're going to stick with Blade forever. I used to say the same thing until a lemon 300cfx and weeks of being blamed by tech support for its issues to push me to try something else.

Got a Oxy3 and had such a good experience I went on a classifieds spree buying several different models from different brands.

Not only did I get to experience how different helis are designed and how they fly, buying from 10+yr veterans of the hobby allowed me to see little build tricks those guys use.

How they wire, where/how they mount electronics, how they orient a tailboom mounted servo, ect. Little things you may never think of that can make a huge difference in tail hold, vibration levels, ect ect.

Got a 500 stretch airborne for $325 lipos and spares included that just happened to be one of the best helis I've ever owned. Although I ended up selling it cause I'm partial to 450's

Even the ones that I ended up not liking compared to others had features/methods of assembly I could appreciate. More variety I experienced the more I learned what aspects I liked and disliked.

This one flies amazing but sucks to work on, like working on this one but it flies like a dumptruck, this one I don't like either lol.

Finally found a heli that touched all the bases. Enjoyed working on it and it just clicked for me in the air. My little flying routine looked better flying it than it did on helis I'd been flying for 2yrs.

Had I stopped at heli#1 of brand#3 I never would have found my personal zen heli. Would I have been happy if I stopped before then?? Absolutely but that's because ignorance is bliss. Simply wouldn't have known what I was missing. There isn't one brand or model that's best for everyone so it's going to take research and trying out as many as possible to find yours.

Yeah some sucked and ended up in "the pile" but come in handy anytime I need a screw, bearing or whatever. Plus they showed me what to avoid.

Was a fun learning experience that gained me more knowledge than I ever expected.

If you've tried some variety and landed on Blade that's all good(and a first lol) If you​haven't I strongly encourage you to see what else is out there. All rc helis are cool in their own way but some are definitely better than others.

Don't fall for marketing hype either. A lot harder for me to adjust things in the flight controller on my 230 than it is one of my SK540's. Same with planes, the AR receivers are the hardest ones in existence to program.

"Simple" fbl simply means less features, not easier to program. Once you learn how to use your fbl you'll appreciate the extra adjustments.

Anyways sorry for the novel. Hate to see ppl sell themselves short. I started with Blade and learned a ton from them but once I experienced other brands and models I discovered why so many bash them.

They're not just being a dick. Well most of them anyway lol
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