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Originally Posted by 04fxdwgi View Post
Looks like rumor has it that DJI has announced it will "cripple" drone capabilities, unless drone is registered on DJI site, when upgrading DJI GO or Go 4 app and controller firmware. Only the A3 and N3 will be exempt from this.

"Anyone who owns or purchased a DJI drone ‘will have to log in once when you update the new version of DJI GO or GO 4 App,’ DJI shared in the announcement."

My take..... Don't upgrade to newer programs / firmware, as the old versions seem to work just fine, on my NAZA-M V2 and NAZA-M Lites upgraded to V2, anyway. I won't upgrade past 4.02 on the firmware.

yeah but in reality, most of the people arent going to think twice about logging in. in their eye its probably going to be a "security" feature so no one else flies their toy. I doubt many of them realize that its logging every flight.
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