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I highly recomend Changing out the normal 0-100% throttle curve, to something that does not spool up more above half stick,.. ie: 0-30-60-60-60. This will alleviate the xtra torque that happens when you collective up,.. and the motor tries to raise Headspeed at the same time!

As far as pitch,.. I recomend most to go with an even pitch curve so that there is the same amount negative as positive, and Center Is Always Zero Pitch, especially if future plans include 3d flight. If normal setup has pitch curve of -100/+100 you could ease it a little more gentle with -75/+75 or more -50/+50.

You also can increase your expo settings to make cyclic stick feel more gentle around center stick, but still allow for full movement(100% Duel Rate) in the case of needing to get out of trouble!

I would not tame it down too much, as it might force bad habits, but rather,.. just practice, practice, practice and it will get better!
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