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Trying to cover all the bases and not leave anything to chance I worked out the COG for house washing with the spray wand.
I'll be up between the 20 and 40 foot level.
This will require the Velos to fly 20 to 40 feet of supply hose filled with cleaning solution.
I originally thought I wouldn't be able to fly my canopy thinking I would be nose heavy in flight with the system operating.
I find out that in doing some COG experiments on the ground that with the supply hose filled with water and no canopy, the Velos is actually tail heavy so I find out I can fly the canopy to offset the tail being heavy. Depending upon how many feet of supply hose is lifted, the COG will change accordingly.

The really cool part is I have enough fore and aft adjustment on the batteries to offset the supply hose, no matter what length I'll be flying, which will hang down aft of the normal COG on the Velos.

Thank you Aris for the great battery installation design.

I made the supply hose attach to the airframe about 10 inches aft of COG thinking I would need that weight to offset the spray boom and supporting rack weight in front...which I did.
So after experimenting on the ground, knowing the weight of the supply hose filled with water, I can set my battery position to correctly set the COG for the 20-30 foot level or set the battery position for the 40 foot level.
How cool is that, nothing like flying with an accurate COG with a variety of loads. The SK720BE won't have to work as hard to fly the beast and neither will I.

So this afternoon I took the Velos out for another test flight. This time with the canopy installed and with a length of supply hose to simulate that weight in flight...and yes I did fill the hose with water to make it an accurate lift.

The flight itself went really well. The Velos is ready, I still need a little more practice. I never thought 5 minutes of flight could last so long until I started this project. Now before the timer sounds I am wishing for it to end so I can rest and get a drink of water.
I find I'll be able to cover a lot of wall space with spray in the 5 minutes so that is no longer a concern.
Practice...Practice...Practice will get me relaxed and comfortable with the new flight parameters.

AUW of the Velos 880 with the spray boom assembly and supply hose filled with water for a 30 foot hover is 23.6 pounds increasing slightly for the 40 foot hover which for the big Velos is a simple lift and is well below the max weight limit.

The photos below are from todays only flight.
You can see in the first photo that the water filled supply hose is coiled up in its aft position which puts that weight in the correct location for an actual spray mission.
COG was perfect as I had the correct battery position so the Velos rose perfectly flat into its initial hover.

Was a little breezy today as well but didn't affect the hover much at all.

Check out the photos...its looking really cool and I can see this is very doable for the Velos. I am sure I will find out more as I go along but that's part of the fun.
Not like I can pick up a book on how to spray clean a house with a Velos 880.

Notice the very tall trees around the you know why I came up with the rope deployment swing arm for removal of those dead limbs that are well out of reach by any other means.

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