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Nice work there, Mr Skull

I have used induction heated irons at work, among other things. Tried quite a few different makes along the years. My experience is that it does not really matter how the iron works, as long as it is quality piece of equipment. In the end, it is more up to your skills and other factors.

Generally speaking 80W is enough for soldering these hobby size connectors, as long as it is temperature controlled. Whether 550F or 600F or 700F is best, really depends on the technique, and chems, and solder, and the phase of the moon...

For hobby projects, I settled down with a iron with a heating element and cheap tips. I use for it heating up other things, like bearings and screws, so sometimes the tips get damaged. If it was only for soldering, I would think about getting one of these fancier induction things.
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