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Originally Posted by Thtasher View Post
... just wondering if you would still recommend these settings ...

With the constant, reduced headspeed and softened collective pitch response, the tamed K110 is completely flyable indoors (hovering).

As I said in that post you quoted, be sure to reduce the Dual Rates on both sides for the Ail, Elev and Rud channels, i.e. Ail left and Ail right each have their own setting - same goes with the Elev up and Elev down and Rud left and Rud right. I'm still flying mine with 50% dual rates after a year and a half - (on full rates this thing is VERY twitchy!) I'm still a non-3D pilot (a slow learner) and am still working on my upright orientations.

Regarding spares, at a minimum, be sure to get some extra main gears and main blades - those are the parts that I've found routinely give out on mild crashes. The main gear will last quite a few crashes before it needs to be replaced - on most crahes, you'll simply need to push main gear up against the lower main bearing to eliminate vertical play in the main shaft.

Good luck! (You're going to love the K110 )
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