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Originally Posted by spykez View Post
I know... MF are the storefront for OMP.

I was thinking the 330 would be a boost for local spares availability. Now I'm not so sure.

It's a good thing my B450's have enough spares to weather another 4-6 average crashes. At least, I have gears, blades, shafts, tailbooms roughly in that order.
Want some more?

I have one new in box, one that was my regular flyer, one that has all the experimental parts and currently has the FBL removed and one that is in pieces with various parts removed and an esky full of other parts which would allow me to make at least two more helis sans electronics.

I now have a TREX 450 and Gaui X3 both of which have SAFE/bailout that have replaced my Blade 450 fleet.
Blade 130s, 230Sv2, 250cfx, Nano CPS &, 450x, Trex 450 DFC & 470LP, Logo 550, Stretched Mini Protos, Stretched Gaui X3
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