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Default First Spray Boom Operational Flight

The spray boom works really well.

For those seeing this for the first time let me tell the background.
My house sits on a side hill which makes the sides and back of the house 30 to 40 feet tall. It is very difficult and dangerous to get cleaning solution up to that level.
Pressure washers or high pressure garden hoses can get up to that level but in spraying cleaning solution the mixture is diluted so much to spray that it does little to actually clean.
I need to spray full strength cleaning solution at that level to get the job done.

So the Velos with its lifting capacity, stability and redundancy was used to mount a spray boom which is attached to a supply tank, 40 psi pump, 12 volt battery to power the pump and a foot activated switch to allow me to turn the pump on and off with my foot.

It all works very well. I get usable spray up to 12 feet from the tip of the spray nozzle so real close hover distances to the wall are not needed.

Best part beside making cleaning the exterior walls fun is that I don't get soaked with cleaning solution now that I don't have to stand at the base of the wall to do the job.

A little more practice to get a good technique and I'll be ready for some serious cleaning.
To give you a sense of scale and distance, the tip of the spray nozzle to the tip of the tail rotor is 9 feet.

This arrangement will also be used to spray insecticide at the high levels to rid my house of insects like spiders.
They used to thumb their noses at me but now they better vacate before its too late.

Velos 880 Spray Boom First Flight (5 min 21 sec)
Velos Rotors<<SAB<<Compas<<Align<<Walkera <<Propel

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