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Update from HobbyWing:

Our RMA department has inspected the ESC on multiple levels. The BEC has suffered overload damage. One of the FETs is similarly damaged.

This happens for various reasons. At this time is unclear what the exact cause of these damages was, but it is often related to the power source: Battery and the motor selection (over surged current, irregular current C, reverse current, exceeding max power W), which causes overheating and/or overloading of the ESC. BECs can also be damaged from servo feedback shock.
I am ruling out overload as I had just flown it and it failed while I was putting a new battery in to fly a second flight. Not sure about "servo feedback shock".

Sadly, I may go back to a castle with a receiver pack.

The bright side was HW support was quick and friendly. I have smaller HW V3 controllers on other aircraft with many flights and no problems, but given the V4 bugs, I may try something different, maybe a scorpion.
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