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I am so glad I have found this thread. I have just finished building my trex 800 treker with the included Castle Creation 120hv ESC. I am using a Brain 2 BT with a Graupner mz-24 pro and a GR-16 Rx. I am just looking at buying the resistor to make the cable or a ready made cable if available in the UK. I made the mistake of setting up CC telemetry in the Brain software without the resistor in place. The ESC would not arm at all but the motor kept twitching. Once I turned telemetry off I could arm the ESC and test the motor and set the throttle end points in the Brain software. I too had the constant alarm on the Tx of "ESC input voltage low" and couldn't turn it off without turning off telemetry on the Tx. Then a new problem appeared.
I have the Rx, Brain 2 and servos running off a separate lipo through a 6v BEC and then through a switch. suddenly I lost power in the Brain 2. all the servos stopped, lights out on the Brain 2 but the Rx still had a green light and still a red light on the BEC. If I turn the switch off and back on, the Brain powered back up for a few minutes and then did the same thing again, dead until the power is turned off and on again. It did it about five times until I decided I had better leave things for the day before the lot went through the window.
I am sure the CC ESC was giving five beeps but I couldn't find any reference to what five beeps would mean.

Anyone know if a ready made cable, with the resistor, is available in the UK?
Once I can get everything to work it should be fantastic, the mz-24 pro is a wonderful radio.

Thanks for any advice
Trex 450 pro v2, Trex 800 Trekker & Goblin 700 KSE
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