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Originally Posted by BrainDev View Post
Okay, I've been able to reproduce the problem and now I have understood the cause of the problem.
It is due to a software bug of the Transmitter.
Even if you exclude the voltage alarm in the "Voice trigger" menu, the voice alarm is not turned off.
The transmitter "Voice trigger" function don't work (do nothing).

The workaround is to let users to reduce the Brain2 Voltage MIN alarm value to zero (now the minimum setting value for Voltage MIN alarm corresponds to a Lipo 2S discharged). This in the next release.

Meanwhile, I report the bug to Graupner for the next Transmitter firmware update.

Thank for the information.

What I don't understand is why you want anyway to use the HoTT+Telemetry protocol also if you are using an ESC (YGE) that don't have and don't transmit any telemetry values for temperature, current, battery voltage and battery discharge.
Why you don't use the normal "HoTT" protocol (without telemetry) or as suggested by TheBum don't use the HoTT+Telemetry but without the telemetry connection to the receiver?
Because I have the ability to set the Brain from the transmitter. With the usual connection in the Hott protocol, this option is not available.

How to use Graupner-Brain integration without telemetry transmission? Which cable should I disconnect?

btw, i want to use head speed telemetry.

This problem I reported to Graupner (to Ralf Helbing) with the proposal to set the threshold for this alarm to zero and I received the answer: "the radio can not switch off any alarms, because this would be dangerous, if somebody could switch off alarms.

This update will be done by Brain."

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