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Default My Velos Got A New Pair of Shoes

The OEM carbon fiber skid plates are awesome and well designed in a very artistic way following the lines of the canopy.
But when you go to work, you don't wear your best foot wear, you put on work boots.

So since I am turning my Velos 880 into a working class machine I designed a super strong aluminum tubing landing gear to allow me to get at everything under the belly easier.
Weight comparison is lighter than the OEM skid plates so that is a bonus.

Whenever its not working I can always put on the good shoes for showing off.

Here are a few photos of the tube gear. I need to make a couple tweaks with the swing arm but they work very well as they are a little taller than the OEM gear.

Plan a whole lot of house washing this week end so I should have some more video and photos of the process.
I found a product, that if it performs well is perfect for application with my Velos. Very excited about it, time will tell.

So here is a couple photos of the new shoes.

In my haste to install the new gear I didn't look at the "foot print" until these photos. I need to adjust the opposite side gear leg in the photo below so the fore ground skid tube sits flat footed. This side has its toe up in the air. I want tail clearance so the opposite side adjustment will give me a flat foot print on both skids and raise the tail a little more.

The first set of tube gear I bent up was a singe piece in the shape of a "J". It was plenty strong but terribly springy which would have created all sorts of ground ops dangers so I redesigned the tube to the shape of a "P" which added the front down tube terminating at and attaching to the skid tube to close off the open end of the original "J" which made the gear ridged.

Had my first request to use the Velos for spraying.
A friend of mine asked if I could spray insecticide on one of his ornamental trees in his yard. He say he does the best he can from the ground but can only reach half of the tree. The top half always get decimated by the bugs so he sees the Velos as a way to combat his infestation...and so it begins.
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