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Default Safety First

Given the Velos 880 is so redundant in its ability to continue the mission with an inoperable system (that's the only reason I feel comfortable doing this) I also needed to consider safety issues generated by the spray system itself.

One area of my concern was all that rubber hose dangling from the Velos.
What happens if I tangle the hose on something and can't continue to fly freely?
You should always have focused situational awareness with the placement of the Velos and supply hose when doing something like this but as they*t happens.

If you notice in the photo above there is a slip connection with a short length of hose just behind the spray boom.
That slip joint is the safety latch that will allow my escape. If the hose gets tangled, one sharp collective movement will unplug the hose allowing me to fly away and land safely.
With the slip joint located close to the Velos, I eliminate the possible snapping back of the rubber hose up and into the main rotor when it pops free.

Just like flying at the RC field one should have a spotter keeping watch for potential issues. Cleaning or applying insecticide on a house in the neighborhood will generate a lot of kids to watch the flight.
While there are there, I could always sell them ice cream.

With safety being a needed concern, I will be redesigning the arrangement of a foot switch to turn the pump on and off.
When flying I have a tendency to walk away from the switch which ends up with me feeling around with my foot to relocate it.
Flying in close proximity to a home with the BIG Velos does not allow one to look away from the model to find the foot switch.
Because of this I will be looking for a way to move the pump switch to my TX to allow simple finger operation without having to look down.

This will also allow quicker "on" and "off" of the pump which will help save money...insecticide and the cleaning solution are expensive so flying around with the pump on and not applying the solution to the home would spraying money away into thin air.

That's also the beauty of applying liquid cleaning solution with the Velos. It takes very little spray to get the job done.
Trying to spray clean 30 to 40 feet up on a wall from the ground with a garden hose takes a lot in pump volume in gallons per minute and pressure.
So you can reach the height with such a system but the waste of the extra fluid necessary to get it there is just that, a waste of fluid in both water and cleaning solution or insecticide.

And in moving that amount of fluid up to the higher levels, the shear volume and pressure of the fluid when it reaches the wall will always push water into areas you don't want. If you have marginal sealing around your windows, you will find those leaks...which is never a good day.

With the smaller volume of fluid being directed at the wall, especially around windows, by the Velos spray boom, fluid intrusion under siding and into window frames should not occur.

Any thoughts out there? Any ideas?
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