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Originally Posted by BrainDev View Post
Okay, I've been able to reproduce the problem and now I have understood the cause of the problem.
It is due to a software bug of the Transmitter.
Even if you exclude the voltage alarm in the "Voice trigger" menu, the voice alarm is not turned off.
The transmitter "Voice trigger" function don't work (do nothing).
I don?t think it?s a bug. The purpose of the Voice Triggers is to specify which parameters are reported when cycling through them using a switch. This is not alarms but just reports of values.

Alarms can be turned off in the module for all Graupner modules and even the UniSens-E. The solution is to add on/off control in the Brain. Also, I?d like to request that the alarm ?sound? be configurable (A-Z value) as it is in other modules. This allows for multiple voltage alarms to have different phrasing, for example.
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