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Originally Posted by Atomic Skull View Post
I needed to pull power from the FBL unit to power a Scorpion RPM opto coupler but the only free port on the FBL was being used to power the fan on the ESC. This allows me to run two devices into one port without bulky soldered Y-splitter.

Soldering is LESS reliable than crimping.

I'm using a DuPont factory hand tool for 0.1 crimp terminals (HT-95), unlike e.g. the Hansen crimpers it's specifically made for this terminal type (Mini-PV terminals). According to the technical specs for this connector family two 26 or 28AWG wires are allowable in a single terminal.

When you solder wires like that together, you slice some insulation off one, strip a relatively long piece off the other, wind it around the other wire several times and then solder. I can't imagine that being less reliable...but your way is certainly easier and cleaner looking, like you mentioned (less bulky)
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