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Originally Posted by BrainDev View Post
Thanks for the clarification.
But in my mind this menu of the transmitter should have a dual function.
When either "REPEAT" and "TRIGGER" are not activated, each "unselected" alarms related to that connected and recognized sensor are deactivated and ignored.
This seem to me logic and simply.

However, apart from any consideration, I have already prepared the possibility to disable alarms in two different ways:

A) The voltage threshold that generate the alarm ("Voltage MIN") can now be brought to 0.0V and this prevents the low voltage alarm from being generated.

B) Selecting "No ESC Telemetry" (for example with an YGE ESC as radziaf) ALL temperature, instantaneous current, consumed current, and voltage alarms are deactivated.

Both things individually or together eliminate the alarms.

Release within a few days (with other things).

Thanks BrainDev!!
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