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Originally Posted by HeliSmith View Post
I solder because I never learned to crimp.. So in fact what I lack is crimping skills.. oh and I really am not a solder master either
The great thing about the official tools is that they "just work". Insert terminal into the holder, line up the wire, squeeze the handle and done. Perfect crimp every time. No struggling to keep the terminal lined up no fiddling with tension (it is factory adjusted for 22-26 and 28-32 AWG and you just use the side of the tool for the size of wire you are crimping) and the crimp they make is much more solid than the generic tooling. It swages the conductor crimp into a tight tube around the wire strands (if you look at the underside of the terminal there are two ridges of flashing from this process). You literally cannot pull the wire out of the terminal, the wire will break before then.

If for some reason you need to do 20 AWG, there is a separate tool for that, HT-73. HT-95 is for 22-32 AWG female terminals and HT-102 is for 22-32 AWG male terminals. Both of these have two crimp dies one for 22-26 AWG and one for 28-32 AWG. These come up on Ebay regularly for $50-$100, they've been around for decades now and there are a ton of old Du Pont and Berg branded ones out there. The current owners of the Mini-PV connector family is FCI Amphenol though most of the ones we see in RC are actually chinese clones as well as a few similar 0.1 connector families (Mini-PV is still the most common though and 99% of the time what you get when buying "servo crimp pins" for hobby use)

Oddly, a lot of the chinese made servo leads that use Mini-PV connectors appear to be crimped with an unofficial crimp die that wraps the insulation crimp correctly but doesn't swage the conductor crimp (just folds it over into a double D crimp). These leads are not as securely crimped as ones made with official tooling.

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