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Default Pitch Adjustable Spray Tip

The issue:

Spraying the vertical sides of a house one must attain a level hover to hold position. This does well for moving up and down the wall or side to side to cover the wall but does not allow for any adjustment of the spray tip to get up under a roof overhang or down in an area where the Velos can't fly because of physical size.

My fix:

The concept is to move the spray tip vertically up and down by servo control in relation to the level spray boom and Velos.
I created a push pull carbon fiber tube, much in the same way as a tail rotor control tube.

I have my cargo hook servo repositioned at the back of the spray tube attached to the push pull tube for the spray tip.
At the spray tip, the carbon fiber push pull tube is connected to a control horn.

The control horn will be firmly attached to the flexible rubber hose that connects the inner PVC tube which carries the fluid to the black plastic spray wand.
The rubber hose is very flexible so the servo should have no trouble pushing and pulling it into its new position.

The servo is controlled by a three position switch on my TX which will give the spray tip the straight, up and down position.

Should do the job and allow more functionality of the spray boom.

Check out the photos:

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