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Originally Posted by Michaelinpr View Post
I do a fair amount of crimping to make custom length cables. My crimper isn't the best. So after it is crimped and before the tabs are crimped on the insulation, I very quickly wick some solder into the area that crimped the bare wire. Then I crimp the insulation part. I figure I get the better contact of crimping but the solder gives me peace of mind that it won't let go.

I think I just need to finally get a good crimping tool.
There's really only one "good" crimping tool for Mini-PV terminals and that is the official ones. Anything else is generic tooling that will make a suboptimal crimp with this sort of terminal because they were never designed for double D crimp dies.

Common wire-to-board, wire-to-wire connectors, and crimp tools | Matt's Tech Pages

The above links explains all of this pretty well. There is one error in the article though, he states there is no official tool for male terminals but there actually is. The male terminals aren't an original part of the standard but at some point Berg started making them and an official tool for them (HT-102). There is also an official tool for 20 AWG wire and female terminals called HT-72.
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