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No video this week, just did some practice flying.

The latest improvement this week end came from my wife and her observation.
She said "can't you just remove the spray boom from the helicopter and use it as a hand held sprayer for the low surfaces then when you can't get the cleaning solution any higher on the wall, re-mount the spray boom back in the Velos and finish the high areas".
It's like she hit me in the side of my head with a 2X4.

What a brilliant idea, I can use the same pump and supply tank and just hand hold the spray wand without any other additional spray system for the lower wall area. Less stuff to drag around the work site...I like it.

So this morning I made modifications to the spray boom to make it quick disconnect.
It was real complicated, I just removed the nylon cable ties I had securing the spray boom to the rack and replaced them with Velcro straps.
That's it...real complicated.
I also have to disconnect the servo ball from the spray tip control tube but that takes all of 5 seconds to do.
So now I can show up with only my Velos with spray boom, supply tank, battery and pump and I am ready to spray an entire house, bottom to ladders or massive amounts of water to turn the yard into a mud pit or leak through the window frames.
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