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Lately I haven't done much with it. I've had most of the main shaft bearings, spacing between main gear and tail drive gear straightened out. I'm thinking about the Kasama head that was designed for the Raptor 90. There's an issue with the front tail drive pully that has to be straightened out. The gear under the pully is loose. I had it blue locktightened before the first hover. But I haven't taken the time to pull it apart and figure a way to improve anything with that. It's loose again. There's play in the tail pitch yoke that I don't like. The pins that hold the arms that extend to the slider bearing seem small for the kind of rpms it sees. there's too much side to side (latteral) play in those yoke links. I've got to get a better set of clutch shoes. Looks like they melted some lead or something to wait the shoes. I doubt the guy that sold it did that. he didn't have it for very long. I put a 600np rex together recently that's been taking up time. But I'll be getting back to it.
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