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Bringing this thread back from the grave, don't let this heli get discontinued!!!

Finally putting my 7 year old 250 SE/Pro DFC Hybrid on a diet!

I just dropped 28g yesterday going from the 3s 250MX to the discontinued Viper VSH 5600kv motor on 2s.

Was worried about balance but she balances out well with a 2s 950 Graphene. Spooled her up at 80% throttle curve and wow ... she sounds mean.

I plan on shaving even more weight by checking amps to see if I can go back to my Talon 15 from a Talon 25, soldering direct to the esc bypassing the 3.5mm bullets this motor came from, de-casing my MSH mini Brain 2 and sat.

AUW went from 362.3g to 340.4 in just this motor change, now I'm hooked on this diet and want to try for 320g, I don't want to sacrifice my DS95i though cause my tail is BOSS.

BTW I have x2 new Hyperion HS2206 3900kv and a used Align MX250 3600kv if anyone is interested
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